RBSP/ECT - Radiation Belts Storm Probe / Energetic Particle Composition and Thermal Plasma Suite

Data Quality and Caveats for the HOPE instrument

Known issues in Data Release 01 and 02

This list needs to be filled in with more detail.

  • Frequent periods when counting rates are near 1-count level. When the fluxes are low, counting statistics can produce significant errors and uncertainties.
  • Operational changes in January for energies and time-of-flight tables
  • Feature of pre-September 5/6, 2013 data where flux binning is messy
  • HOPE uses highly time-dependent, multi-mode operations (e.g., Burst support mode)  and hence the data sets can be complicated
  • Low energy correction for spacecraft velocity not yet corrected
  • Different energy tables and modes for apogee versus perigee
  • No spacecraft potential flags or corrections (can be significant)